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Going LIVE with Entain's BWIN

We soft-launched our Esportsbook product on BWIN.com last week, enabling them to claim a leading position in regulated esports betting on the back of our turn-key solution. 

Their users are now able to place pre-match and live bets on the “big three” of Esports: CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2 as well as a wide variety of additional Esports matches ranging from FIFA to Kings of Glory, Rainbow6, Call of Duty and more.

Built upon our single wallet API we joined forces with a premium data supplier as well as Bayes to supply Entain Plc with a one-stop-shop solution to empower our esports betting application with zero-delay odds feeds as well as an advanced risk management solution.

This is more than just a one-off integration though as we also entered a larger long-term partnership with a premium data supplier a little earlier. We believe that the key to sustained success in Esports betting is to forge the best possible odds and the fastest settlement feeds into a product that resembles what fans enjoy most: a truly engaging user experience that tells the story of competition through rich contextual information and live video streams.

Our combined solution gives operators an edge to capture market share from earlier-to-market competitors and our highly customizable product front-end will be able to blend in seamlessly with any operator's brand.

Big thanks to everyone at Entain Plc for sharing our vision, and most importantly to our engineering team involved - Alexander, Artyom, Claudiu, Oleg and Peter - who put in the hard work and dedication needed for transforming this idea into reality.


We’ll soon be able to follow up with more brands picking up our solution, which will be a great showcase for how we’re able to integrate with existing brand interfaces. Reach out to Dan Gibas at dan@esportsconstruct.com or find him on LinkedIn for a demo and commercials, he can also show you an unannounced solution optimized for everyone operating in Asian markets.


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