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EsportsBook FAQ


We already have Esports markets and odds, can we still get Esportsbook?

Yes, Esportsbook can be connected to your existing data supply and utilize your existing trading and risk management solutions.  In this setup we will be only providing the wallet API integration and the product front-end (user interface) for your customers.  This solution is ideal if you want to break out of the confines of your sportsbook and offer your customers a dedicated and stand-alone product for esports betting.  This will improve your marketing with an influx of new depositing customers and improve brand loyalty and customer retention.  Your current / legacy esports links can be updated to take the end-user to the new Esportsbook product seamlessly.

How many pre-match and live events are covered?

We cover all possible licensable pre-match and live esports events from these organizers:

  1. Riot;
  2. ESL;
  3. OGA;
  4. BTS;
  5. Winners

Since Esportsbook is data supply agnostic, meaning it’s not tied down to any specific data supply, you get to choose which data suppliers and sources you would like to use.  Each option has different commercials and different event coverage.  For the latest options, check out the data coverage pages.  To discuss the esports data options in more detail and make a comparison, please drop us a message to setup a call or meeting.

What are your data sources?

Aside from utilizing our own proprietary data for events, markets, teams, players, performance (and more), we have partnered with leading sports data suppliers in the industry who provide legitimately licenced official data to us on behalf of the esports tournament rights holders.  You can choose whichever data source you prefer based on the coverage (events, markets, odds); average margins and games selection to suit your target demographics.    

How is your trading done?

Our data suppliers utilize experienced traders (actual people) as well as automated algorithms (programming) to produce odds from zero delay, officially licensed live data.  Unlike other suppliers, we don’t rely on “AI” 100% or on trading off of live streams.  Live streams often have a delay, sometimes a significant delay, so any supplier who sells odds based off of these streams will put you at a significant risk of losses and terrible margins as you will be running at a disadvantage.  

Which currencies are supported?

We support any FIAT currency and also digital currency such as crypto.  Currency codes used via our integration API are ISO standard.   Importantly for operators active in the Far East, we have tried and tested support for currencies with plenty of zeros, such as KRW, IDR and VND – currencies which some other products struggle to handle efficiently.  

Which languages are supported?

Technically, any language is supported.  Out of the box, aside from English, we have fully localized our product for Bulgarian; Brazilian Portuguese; Chinese Simplified; Danish; German; Greek; Spanish; French; Hungarian; Indonesian; Italian; Japanese; Khmer; Korean; Polish;  Portuguese; Romanian; Russian; Slovakian; Slovenian; Swedish; Thai; Turkish and Vietnamese.  If you have other language requirements we can either provide you with an excel sheet for you to return us the translations or we can use our translation agency to translate for your additional requirements.

Can the Esportsbook be styled to match brand identity?

Yes – totally.  We have designed the product so that it can be easily themened to match operators' brand guidelines perfectly.  When we are done, end-customers should not even notice they are using a 3rd party product, the entire design experience should be smooth and inline with your branding.  To do this, we simply require a copy of your brand guidelines and colour schemes.  Our designers will then update the theme and ensure you are consulted to test and approve the design before going live to customers.  

Here are some examples that showcase the design flexibility:

  1. BWIN Esports - https://esports.bwin.com/en
  2. SportingBet Esports - https://esports.sportingbet.com
  3. BetBoo Esports - https://esports.br.betboo.com
  4. Premium Esprorts -  https://esports.premium.com
  5. Party Poker Esports - https://esports.partypoker.com

Where is the Esportsbook bet history?

We take a dual approach to bet history.  It’s available in our product directly within our “game client” next to our betslip UI as well as being available to your My Account section via our API.  This isn’t only for good user experience but also complements many operators compliance requirements with regulators (UKGC for example) who will also need to display the bet history in their My Account section.  The duration of bet history being displayed is your call, but using the products bet history API you can take what you need and when you need it.

Is Esportsbook regulator compliant?

We have experience of meeting compliance standards for:

  • Malta Gaming Association (MGA)
  • CEZA/POGO (Philippines)
  • Isle of Man Gaming Commission
  • UK Gambling Commission’s Remote Technical Standards specifications

Tell us what your licensing and compliance objectives are and we are confident we can meet them.

Where should the Esportsbook product be positioned?

Esportsbook is fully stand alone – it is it’s own unique product vertical.  Typically serious esports betting customers want a finely tailored experience and our product performs best when it’s fully dedicated.  To achieve this, the Esportsbook should be positioned on the primary navigation across all channels.  Typically for iGaming operators who have a sportsbook this will be 3rd in place after Sports and In-Play (live).  For iGaming casino operators or operators who don’t have a sportsbook then placement can be anywhere after Casino, Live Casino or Virtuals (if you have it).  You should never place Esportsbook as a subsection of Sports as is often the standard for traditional sports.  

What is the Esportsbook demographic?

Esports betting is most popular with male adults ranging from 18 through to 35s and especially “millennials”.  Video games rose to popularity in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s and esports started with old-school arcade tournaments championed by giants such as Nintendo and Sega.  More recently esports has become less of a niche interest and has gone mainstream since MMORPG (those games that are played online by lots of people!) games especially picked up huge fan bases in the 2000’s.  It’s this mainstream status and household awareness that makes esports now an important product vertical for online betting.   Popularity with women has also increased in recent years and is likely to continue to do so as games titles continue to evolve to appeal more widely.  

How is the cross-sell to/from esports betting?

This depends on your customers and your marketing.  Typically people who place bets on esports don’t bet on other products with crossover selling opportunities usually limited to ~20% towards Casino and Virtuals and >20% towards traditional sports and Poker, but this varies greatly from operator to operator.  The cross-sell towards esports from other products is more attractive, with many people willing to try and place bets on esports especially beginning in 2020 when esports betting saw phenomenal growth encouraged by limited betting opportunities on traditional sports due to government imposed restrictions worldwide.

What browsers and devices are supported?

Esportsbook if fully responsive and cross-browser compatible with all modern web browsers.  Both Android and iOS devices are also supported if you use the “webview” method to load Esportsbook.  The latter method means your native apps need to simply load Esportsbook between your header and footer regions.

How does Esportsbook launch Web Components?

Using the Web Components integration option as an alternative to iFrames means operators don’t need to use frames at all.  Instead, the operator provides header region and footer region components which we will integrate with the Esportbook product.  You can read our guide on the Web Components integration for a better understanding on this integration option.

How does Esportsbook launch via an iFrame?

Using the iFrame integration option is very simple.  It’s just like how you would launch a casino game or virtual sports or even live casino game client.  The only addition is a simple Javascript which will help to automatically adjust the height of the iFrame.  This is needed so that ugly scroll bars never appear and the iFrame height is always perfect.  The end result is, the Esportsbook will be displayed seamlessly within your header and footer regions and end-customers will not even notice that it’s a 3rd party product.  See also our iFrame integration guide which we will publish soon.

Where is Esportsbook hosted and how is the performance?

We use distributed servers located strategically as geographically close to your end-users as possible.  This setup is typically called “cloud” hosting.    Performance is optimized for loading speed for end-users.  The servers are secured by the latest industry standard practices and solutions to prevent threats.  During the UAT phase you have an option of arranging your own performance (AKA load tests) and security tests prior to going live – for added confidence.

We don’t have resources to do a full new integration, is Esportsbook available on any product platforms via a single API?

Yes, we have partnered and are in the process of partnering with more product platform suppliers.  These suppliers act as product aggregators so you can easily enable Esportsbook in the same way you would simply enable a new casino game release.  If you need more justification to progress Esportsbook through your product pipeline and get resources then you should consider taking Esportsbook via one of of platform partners, because you won’t just get Esportsbook – you will get a library of thousands of casino games, live casino tables and even virtual sports included together in a package – all from just a single API integration.   To find out more about the product platforms / aggregators that can enable Esportsbook for you, please contact us.


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