The Esportsbook

Traditionally iGaming operators have aligned Esports betting inside their main sportsbook products.  While this makes Esports easily accessible to sportsbook customers and leverages re-use of existing sportsbook technology,  it doesn't work well for Esports fans. iGaming operators who want to capture the true market for Esports need to have a product which is dedicated, can be marketed independently and most importantly puts the user experience of Esports customers at the center.

EsportsConstruct's Esportsbook solution is a sportsbook experience re-invented and specially dedicated to Esports.  This approach is proven to work with real world case studies showing improved performance versus running Esports inside a traditional sportsbook product.

Product tour and tech below

Fast Integration Time

For a simple white-label integration where a gaming operator already has a working API, it is possible to integrate in around two weeks time.  For more complex and custom integrations, with either B2B (platforms / aggregators) or direct operator integrations with special requirements can take from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

Our Homepage

Provides a comprehensive chronological overview of both "in-play" events and "pre-match" betting opportunities that are open for betting.  Various filters such as the game type being played can be applied.

Our Theater Mode

The theater mode provides the best in-house experience for esports enthusiasts, allowing them to easily watch their favourite streams, with support on multi-languages, analize match data, and place their bets with minimum of effort.

Our Matchpage

Provides a dedicated view for each individual match to give sufficient prominence to contextual information, advanced betting opportunities and live video broadcasts available. Includes a "theater mode" for live matches.

Servers & Hosting

Performance, reliability and security as standard.  The product is provided with secure hosting and server requirements inclusive as necessary to facilitate the running of the product with respect to performance and efficiency in your target markets.  Typically the product is hosted on virtualized private servers run by competent 3rd parties and utilizes DOS/DDOS protection, load balancing and other network optimization techniques as required to maintain secure, fast and reliable performance.  For added performance we can leverage localized CDN's depending on requirements.

Our tournament pages

Best practice low effort - high impact content pages to keep yourself informed about the state of the game. Extra interesting for betting operators as outright markets naturally yield great profit margins.

Our Team & player pages

Provide detailed data views on teams and players to educate new users about the individual/collective performance of esports protagonists

Our Betslip

We optimized our betslip to require the least possible number of user interactions while keeping a clean and informative view, ready to comply with all regulatory demands.

Esportsbook API

Integrating a new product can be a challenging experience for many gaming operators, especially if key personnel are not familiar with the product.  With this in mind, we have modelled our integration inline with the way many common casino wallet API's function.

Wallet API

Enables the communication of transactional data related to correct maintenance of the players balance, including debits for bets placed and credits for any winnings.  Often referred to as a "single" or "seamless wallet", EsportsConstruct's Wallet API doesn't require customers to transfer funds to any separate wallets and each transaction is processed in real time.

Bet History API

This API complements the In product bet history display by exposing the bet history data as JSON so that gaming operators can display / process the data as needed.  Bet history contains transactional data required for customer use and compliance for many regulated markets such as with the UK Gaming Commission and the presentation of bet history is critical for responsible gaming efforts.

Settlement API

The EsportsBook Settlement API notifies the gaming operator of the outcomes of customers bets and updates records accordingly.  This API usage will be new to any Casino operators but familiar to Sportsbook operators.  The API provides an essential update service so that open bets can be settled as soon as possible.  Unlike casino games, Esports bets can't all be settled immediately because customers can bet in advance of Esports events, outcomes and settlements need to follow later hence the need for this API communication.