The EsportsBook
EsportsBook is our turn-key esports betting platform product for all sorts of iGaming operators. EsportsBook can be marketed independently and most importantly, it values the user experience of esports fans as it's priority. We utilize our own proprietary data sources for EsportsBook and combine it with leading official data rights as well as trading solutions from our curated partners to offer low latency esports betting as a service - including our auto-pilot mode which allows you to focus on operations. In case you prefer to keep your hands on the steering wheel, you can choose to bring your own trading and risk solutions, which our engineering teams will integrate for you.
Our Esports Betting product is turn-key for your business
We integrate your wallet API
You launch the product
You are taking bets on esports!
Integration pipeline busy? The simplest and fastest way to launch a fully turn-key product, today. 
Our Homepage
The "Home" screen. Designed to give punters an immediate overview of what is happening at any given time. Focus on live matches and promotional of the highest impact events. A wide selection of filters allows for comprehensive customization according to the customer’s preference.
Our Theater Mode
The best-in-class experience for esports enthusiasts and everyone else looking for a rich inplay experience. Stops punters from leaving your site to follow the live broadcast and keeps them engaged with supplementary information.
Our Matchpage
The heart of our EsportsBook. Highly immersive and transactional, built to balance the display of markets with peripheral information to educate recreational punters.
Servers & Hosting
Secure, reliable and performant - our EsportsBook is provided "as a Service" and hosted in a multi-cloud setup. We deploy our infrastructure physically close to target markets around the world. Alternately, we can deploy into your existing IT infrastructure and work hand-in-hand with your existing team for all infrastructure matters.
Our tournament pages
High impact content pages to keep your customers informed about the state of affairs across all major esports.
The natural place to discover outright markets and give your profit margin a little extra boost.
Our Team & player pages
Complementary information hubs to educate your recreational punters on the who is who in esports. Rich content and statistics also please the hardcore fans alike.
Our Betslip
Designed to minimize the required number of interactions between the sportsbook and customer. Highly customizable and in compliance with various regulatory requirements.

EsportsBook API

Integrating a new product can be a challenging experience for many gaming operators, especially if key personnel are not familiar with the product. With this in mind, we have modelled our integration inline with the way many common casino wallet API's function.

Wallet API
Enables the communication of transactional data related to correct maintenance of the players balance, including debits for bets placed and credits for any winnings. Often referred to as a "single" or "seamless wallet", EsportsConstruct's Wallet API doesn't require customers to transfer funds to any separate wallets and each transaction is processed in real time.
Bet History API
This API complements the In product bet history display by exposing the bet history data as JSON so that gaming operators can display / process the data as needed. Bet history contains transactional data required for customer use and compliance for many regulated markets such as with the UK Gaming Commission and the presentation of bet history is critical for responsible gaming efforts.
Settlement API
The EsportsBook Settlement API notifies the gaming operator of the outcomes of customers bets and updates records accordingly. This API usage will be new to any Casino operators but familiar to Sportsbook operators. The API provides an essential update service so that open bets can be settled as soon as possible. Unlike casino games, Esports bets can't all be settled immediately because customers can bet in advance of Esports events, outcomes and settlements need to follow later hence the need for this API communication.